Prof. Thomas Studer

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+41 26 300 79 61

Full Professor for German as a Foreign Language/German as a Second Language at the University of Fribourg

Research interests

  • Corpus-based language acquisition research
    (cf. SWIKO - multilingual Swiss learner corpus, web application under development: https://swikoweb.plurilinguisme.ch )
  • Research on language teaching and learning, main focus on research methods
  • Foreign language and multilingualism didactics with special emphasis on German as a foreign language and German as a second language, main focus: Task-based language learning and teaching (TBLT), data-driven learning (DDL), cultural studies and language learning, German as pluricentric language
  • Language testing, main focus: Standardised and teaching-oriented assessment of linguistic and cultural competences (primarly in school settings), test development and validation, evaluation of teaching and classroom practices.